Supply List

The following is a suggested supply list for the 2nd grade self-contained gifted class. Just the basic, most inexpensive version of any item is fine. Please try to avoid products that seem like toys. 
A nylon or plastic pencil pouch (no hard pencil boxes, please)
Two rolls of paper towels
A box of crayons and/or Crayola Twistables (these work really well and do not need to be sharpened)
Twelve glue sticks  and a bottle of glue
A set of colored pencils (sharpened)
Two boxes of tissues
A box of gallon size or tiny “snack size” Ziplock baggies
Headphones – an inexpensive pair. (2nd graders tend to have difficulties with earbuds)
One bottle of hand soap
One small pencil sharpener with lid
Three folders  - the type with two pockets
One container of disinfectant wipes
A pair of scissors
One ream of notebook paper
Two boxes of #2 sharpened pencils
A set of index cards
A pencil eraser 
Two single subject notebooks and one composition notebook with your child’s name on the cover
A plain ruler with inches and centimeters (no bendy rulers, please)
An inexpensive clipboard
            No backpacks on wheels, please! They are very dangerous. No hard pencil boxes or Trapper Keepers, please.
*The supplies listed above are suggested in order to assist your child with their educational experience. If any of this presents a financial hardship, please do not hesitate to contact me.